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Get the best pricing ever on popular Arecont Vision single- and multi-sensor megapixel cameras with project registration.


(First Generation)



1080p and 3MP

1080p and 3MP WDR

Trade Up previously installed professional megapixel cameras from Arecont Vision or competitive vendors* such as Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Hanwha Samsung, Hikvision, Pelco, Sony, and more to earn big rebates!

  • Qualifying box cameras earn a $50 rebate** for a new MegaVideo® purchase
  • Qualifying bullet cameras earn a $100 rebate** for a new MegaView® purchase
  • Qualifying dome cameras earn a $100 rebate** for a new MegaDome® purchase
  • Qualifying PTZs and multi-sensor cameras earn a $300 rebate** for a new SurroundVideo® purchase

* Questions about the promotion or about qualifying competitive cameras? Email the Trade Up Promotion Administrator: [email protected].

** Arecont Vision reserves the exclusive right to determine qualifying camera models, series, and vendors for this promotion and set their Trade Up Promotion credit value. Read the full Terms and Conditions on the opposite side of this flyer.

How The Trade Up Promotion Works

  • Buy new Arecont Vision® cameras to replace existing professional surveillance cameras from Arecont Vision or competitors.
  • Fill in the Arecont Vision Trade Up Promotion form and send it and the new purchase documentation to us by mail, courier, or email within 30 days of purchase.
  • Print the reply email from Arecont Vision when you received it, and return it with your old cameras to Arecont Vision.
  • Watch your mail for your rebate check.
  1. The Arecont Vision Trade Up Promotion is in effect through June 30, 2017. All submitted cameras, rebate forms, and required documentation must be received by the Trade Up Promotion Administration on or before that date to qualify.
  2. A Marketing Authorization Number must be obtained prior to submitting any cameras for this program.
  3. A rebate check will be issued and posted to the submitting organization upon approve by Arecont Vision.
  1. Purchase Arecont Vision cameras from an authorized Arecont Vision Distribution Program distributor. Contact your Arecont Vision sales team for [email protected] for a list of distributors in your area.
  2. Download the Trade Up Promotion Form from Complete and return the form by email or post to the address on the form.
    • a) Fill in the sender’s information and contact data.
    • b) List camera details for each one to be submitted for credit. This includes the camera manufacturer, model number, and serial number &/or MAC address.
    • c) List the new Arecont Vision cameras with MAC address that were purchased within the proceeding thirty (30) days.
    • d) Cameras submitted must match one-for-one by category the new Arecont Vision cameras to be submitted.
    • e) Include matching purchase documentation from the authorized Arecont Vision Distribution Program distributor.
  3. The Trade Up Program Administrator will review the form and documentation upon receipt.
    • a) You will be contacted by email with any questions that prevent the processing of the form.
    • b) Once the information is verified, with or without a follow up email, the Administrator will send by email a Marketing Authorization Number and an estimated value of your rebate. The email will also include shipping instructions. You can reply with any questions about your submission.
  4. Package up the cameras that are to be submitted as per the Marketing Authorization Number. Print a copy of the form with the authorization, and include it in the package.
  5. Upon receipt by the the Administrator, an email will be sent to the submitter’s address from the form. This email will acknowledge receipt of the package and documentation, and ask for answers to clarify any issues in order to approve the submission.
  6. Once the rebate is approved, a check will be issued to the address and organization on the form within three (3) weeks.
  7. Submissions are the sole responsibility of the sender, including any errors or omissions made that disqualify the cameras or replacement purchase.
  8. In all cases, Arecont Vision reserves the right to change, modify, extend, or conclude this promotion or revise the rebate value at any time.
  9. No other Arecont Vision offers, discounts, or promotions apply. Arecont Vision Project Registration orders do not qualify for the Trade Up Promotion.
  1. Cameras submitted must be professional-grade megapixel surveillance cameras. Contact the Trade Up Program Administrator at [email protected] for any questions about applicability.
  2. Cameras must be legally owned by the submitting organization. All cameras submitted become the property of Arecont Vision.
  3. Submitted cameras will not be returned to the submitter for any reason, nor will credit be given for non-qualifying cameras.
  4. Cameras received without a valid Marketing Authorization Number or missing required documentation through error, omission, or malfeasance may be disposed of without rebate payment and without recourse by the submitter.

Extended by Popular Demand!

Due to popular demand, the TRY & BUY Program is extended through June 30, 2017. The TRY & BUY Program allows an integrator to install any of the MegaDome® 4K, MegaVideo® Flex, SurroundVideo® G5 or SurroundVideo® Omni G2 cameras in a customer environment at no risk. Arecont Vision® is so confident that customers will want to keep the camera that if the customer is not completely satisfied, the camera can be returned for a full refund!

Products On Sale

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*Limit one per end user project.

Project registration pricing is now better than ever on SurroundVideo and SurroundVideo Omni!

Register your project online today to obtain unprecedented pricing on the industry’s leading multi-sensor megapixel cameras that deliver outstanding situational awareness. Our SurroundVideo 180° and 360° panoramic cameras are customer proven, integrated with the industry’s leading VMS/NVR systems, and feature many new capabilities since they were first were introduced back in 2006. Our SurroundVideo Omni was the first user-configurable multi-directional camera in 2014, offering flexible coverage for a wide range of application needs.

Products On Sale

SurroundVideo® Series

8MP 180°: AV8185DN / AV8185DN-HB

8MP 360°: AV8365DN / AV8365DN-HB

12MP 180° WDR: AV12186DN

12MP 360° WDR: AV12366DN

20MP 180°: AV20185DN / AV20185DN-HB

20MP 360°: AV20365DN / AV20365DN-HB

40MP 180°: AV40185DN / AV40185DN-HB

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