AV Costar’s MegaLab is an advanced certification and testing environment launched in 2010. Located at AV Costar’s headquarters in Los Angeles, California, MegaLab has been used by Technology Partners to validate new software releases and products, and to troubleshoot configurations so that they can deliver the best possible integration and reliability for customer projects.

Members of the AV Costar Reseller Partner Program are also able to leverage the MegaLab for their own configuration, validation, and testing purposes in support of registered projects and installation of AV Costar cameras without creating an extensive test facility of their own.

The MegaLab Facility

The AV Costar MegaLab is equipped with over one hundred and thirty AV Costar megapixel cameras. A complete infrastructure of certified software and hardware is also installed, including Video Management System (VMS) software, monitors, NVRs, servers, storage, and network switches.

The MegaLab provides a facility that can help clarify systems configuration issues, optimal system bandwidth, load capacities, and achievement of desired functionality in a highly controlled environment.

Use of the MegaLab

Multiple AV Costar Technology Partner Program or Channel Partner Program members are able to use the facility simultaneously, depending upon specific project requirements. Reservations are available on a first come, first served basis.

For confidentiality purposes, those accessing the MegaLab are restricted to access their own software, hardware, or configurations in a pre-configured environment. All test results are treated as confidential, and the property of the testing organization and AV Costar, and will not be released without the testing organization’s approval.

Depending upon system requirements, both onsite and remote testing is available to pre-approved participants.

Scheduling the MegaLab

Members of the AV Costar Technology Partner Program and Channel Partner Program members with a registered project may request to be added to the MegaLab schedule.

To make a schedule request or to find out more information, please email Us at [email protected].

Vendor Certification

Members of the AV Costar Technology Partner Program are able to participate in our certification program. Go to Technology Partners Page to learn more.